Mentice launches VIST G7 endovascular simulation platform


mentice VIST G7Mentice AB has announced the global introduction of its seventh-generation Vascular Interventional System Trainer (VIST) simulation platform.

According to the company, the VIST G7 includes artificial intelligence guidance, integration to robotics, and big data analytics. The newly redesigned platform of the VIST G7 incorporates the company’s latest advances in sensor and haptic technologies and uses newly developed software solutions.

A premium version of this platform with a higher level of realism is offered as the VIST G7+, which allows doctors to simultaneously manipulate multiple devices while using a single access point for therapies such as bifurcation lesion interventions and branched devices.

In the Mentice announcement, Lars Lönn, from National University Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark), commented, “In the past, endovascular simulators were challenged to match the haptic feedback a seasoned doctor will experience on a real patient while pinning and advancing microcatheters, making microadjustments, selecting small vessels, and applying certain tricks and techniques acquired over many years of practice. Performing an interventional procedure on the new G7 platform feels incredibly like the real thing, even in intricate cases.”

Khalid Barakat from Queen Mary University, London, UK, added, “This new G7+ platform increases the fidelity of scenarios and is a much-needed addition to our practice, allowing us to simulate challenging bifurcation percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) cases. Our aspiration is to perform procedure rehearsals for the most complex PCI cases, testing novel bifurcation strategies and devices.”


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