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Laminate Medical Technologies announces first forearm fistula cases in Germany

Laminate Medical Technologies (Laminate), a privately-held start-up developing the VasQ implanted blood vessel external support device for patients requiring arteriovenous (AV) fistula as vascular access...


Combined carotid and coronary revascularisation: Is this a good idea?

George Chrysant gives an overview of combined revascularisation interventions for coronary and carotid disease, arguing that "carotid artery stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting...

Deficiencies in operator behaviour: Premature atypical malignancies in high-volume operators

In this article, Bijan Modarai outlines recent research on the effects of radiation exposure in high-volume interventionalists, why a future with alternative modalities to...


Marc Schermerhorn (Boston, USA) discusses the three-year results of an analysis on the long-term survival of Nellix EVAS system (Endologix) IDE trial patients vs. a cohort of EVAR patients. The study found that EVAS is associated with higher long-term...

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