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10MD radiation protection textile granted US patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) patent application, Radiation Protective Material (US2016060791), a press release...



Paclitaxel-releasing devices: An unfolding story

Paclitaxel Timeline: Meta-analysis finds a higher risk of death in the long term when paclitaxel-coated devices are used in the leg Without additional long-term...

Depression and peripheral arterial disease: A call to action

With “an indisputable association between depression and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)”—nearly a third of PAD patients experience comorbid depression or depressive symptoms—Joel Ramirez and...


 Paclitaxel kills the cells in the artery wall; sirolimus simply stuns them. So says Peter Gaines (Sheffield, UK) at VLF 2019 while commenting on the modes of action of these two agents that have been used in drug-coated devices...

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