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The dialysis access landscape in 2018: Challenges, advances and future directions

Guidelines of the European Society for Vascular Surgery1 give an overview of the current best evidence for vascular access for dialysis. Although these guidelines...

Combined carotid and coronary revascularisation: Is this a good idea?

George Chrysant gives an overview of combined revascularisation interventions for coronary and carotid disease, arguing that "carotid artery stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting...


Andrew Holden (Auckland, News Zealand) interviews Stefan Mueller-Huelsbeck (Flensburg, Germany) to distil the key findings of the IMPERIAL trial one-year data that were presented for the very first time at CIRSE 2018 in Lisbon. In the randomised controlled trial, Eluvia,...

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Stéphan Haulon

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