AI tipped to be a “gamechanger” in aortic procedures


Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the accuracy of patient selection and endograft selection for aortic procedures. Its use will shore up computed tomography (CT) scan analysis and comparison, not just when tracking maximum aortic diameters at the various segments but also in terms of volume, preprocedure and automatically. This easily obtained information will then enable operators to precisely zero-in on patients who will benefit from treatment, and determine the best endografts for that particular aorta and that particular patient, Stéphan Haulon (Paris, France) tells Vascular News at the Paris Vascular Insights meeting (21–23 October, Paris, France). He also highlights the in-procedure benefits of AI, which enables fine-tuning the fusion mask so that the patient is exposed to less contrast volume and radiation dose, and outlines plans in the pipeline in the quest for optimal outcomes.


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