Study confirms efficiency of Upstream Peripheral’s GoBack catheter for complex lower limb revascularisations

GoBack catheter

Upstream Peripheral Technologies announced today that its GoBack catheter for crossing and re-entry was proven very effective for patients undergoing complex revascularisations in lower limb arteries. The findings are based on a peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.

In a single-centre retrospective study led by Andrej Schmidt (University Hospital Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany), researchers reviewed outcomes of 100 consecutive patients who underwent treatment with the GoBack catheter after failed crossing attempts using standard guidewire and support catheter techniques. All lesions were confirmed as either de novo or reoccluded chronic total occlusions (CTOs). The overall technical success rate was 92%.

According to Upstream, the study highlights the versatility and effectiveness of the GoBack catheter as both a crossing and re-entry tool when compared to alternative products, and further outlines the clinical benefits of the GoBack catheter with its robust, retractable needle at its tip.

Dani Rottenberg, founder and CEO of Upstream, remarked, “All patients should have access to the most effective endovascular revascularisation technologies to avoid unnecessary bypass surgeries and amputations. The GoBack helps clinicians achieve such a goal, especially in more complex lesions.”

With these positive results, Upstream plans to make the GoBack available to hospitals and peripheral vascular catheterisation labs throughout the world. Rottenberg explains, “The GoBack helps facilities manage their costs and maximise their lab optimisation by reducing procedure time and using less consumables per procedure.”

A press release details that the GoBack catheter is a single-lumen crossing catheter which features a curved nitinol needle that serves as an effective crossing tool. The needle can be extended straight or to a curved position beyond the GoBack catheter’s tip. The protrusion length is determined by the clinician with a thumb selector on the device’s handle. The GoBack comes in two configurations of 4 French and 2.9 French for above- and below-the-knee procedures. The GoBack has regulatory approval in 30 countries.


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