Shockwave L6 catheter achieves ‘almost pristine’ result in challenging case


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Experts gathered at the Society for Vascular Surgery’s 2023 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) in National Harbor, Maryland (June 14–17) to discuss the latest innovation from Shockwave Medical—the Shockwave L6 Peripheral Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) catheter (available in 8-12 mm diameter sizes), for use in calcified large-vessel interventions.

Karan Garg, MD (New York City, USA) was joined by Misty Humphries, MD (Sacramento, USA) and Mathew Wooster, MD (Charleston, USA) to explore how the new device has changed their practice and treatment approach in larger vessels.

According to Humphries, the larger Shockwave L6 catheter “opens up the ability to do thoracic endografting and aortic endografting for patients with calcified vessels”.

Wooster added that, while the Shockwave M5+, worked and was a “great” device, the L6 simplifies certain procedures. He explained: “Instead of having to use a small Shockwave balloon that’s truly undersized and then come back with a standard balloon in order to get up to a large enough diameter for our large-bore device, you do it in one step, and it just makes things much more efficient.”
To demonstrate the benefits of the new L6 in clinical practice, Wooster shared with the group a case that showed “how the L6 can really impact our care, and change the pathways that we have available to us”.

The case involved a 70-year-old man with a 5cm juxtarenal aneurysm, subacute ischemia, and a nearly occluded common femoral artery. Sharing the outcomes, Wooster detailed that the L6 device ensured the common femoral artery was “almost pristine” following treatment.

Commenting on the case, which Wooster said he was “fully expecting to fail,” Humphries highlighted the impressive trackability of the L6, with Garg remarking on the “well-executed” nature of the treatment.

The Shockwave L6 catheter is available in the US-only.
This video is sponsored by Shockwave Medical.


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