Real-time tissue perfusion device can assess re-establishment of blood flow to foot microcirculation


Paul Hayes (Cambridge, UK) talks to BLearning Wounds at LINC 2020 (Leipzig Interventional Course; 28–31 January 2020, Leipzig, Germany) about the challenges of wound care, in particular assessing the success or failure of endovascular treatment of peripheral artery disease, which he notes is an “unrecognised problem”.

He describes how Pedra is a novel, portable, tissue-monitoring device that uses laser, provides real-time quantitative feedback in the angiosuite about whether the proceduralist has truly achieved improved blood flow to the microcirculation in the foot. Hayes notes that the device does not interfere with the workflow in the cath lab.

The datasets achieved with the system are “highly reproducible”, says Hayes, who states that next steps include collecting safety data from the first-in-man study to help power larger clinical studies over the next year or two “in order to get this out into the market”.


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