Pre-loaded cannulation of new off-the-shelf E-nside TAAA stent graft system is a “very helpful” feature


Luca Bertoglio (Milan, Italy) moderates a Vascular News roundtable on the new E-nside TAAA stent graft system (CryoLife) which has been designed for the treatment of thoracoabdominal aneurysms and uses inner branch technology. Bertoglio is joined by Vladimir Makaloski (Bern, Switzerland) and Arkadiusz Jawień (Bydgoszcz, Poland).

“In my hands the inner branch stent graft is easier to implant”, says Jawień, who adds that it should “fit the majority of cases with a thoracoabdominal aneurysm”.

Makaloski discusses some of the difference between the off-the-shelf E-nside compared with custom-made devices he has used, stressing that the E-nside branches themselves have “much more stability” and a diamond shape at the end of the graft gives “a bit more flexibility”.

Bertoglio, for his part, outlines a study paper which looked at the feasibility of these devices, noting that the E-nside “seems to fit very well in terms of orientation of the visceral vessels”.

Jawień states that the pre-loaded branches are an “important feature” especially for those just starting out with stent grafts “because it allows for cannulation of the branches in a very easy way” but adds that in future the company should decrease the size of the device from 24 French.

Makaloski talks about his use of the device in some emergency cases and outlines that he is “not a big fan” of reducing the sheath size if it means removing the pre-loaded system.

Bertoglio adds that this pre-loaded cannulation feature is “very helpful”, before concluding that clinical data is needed so that physicians decide how to choose the best grafts for each individual patient and without the time-consuming nature of custom-made devices.

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