Live webinar on Thursday 2 April to share COVID-19 cardiovascular experience


The Imperial College Network of Excellence in Vascular Science at Imperial College London (UK) is to run a COVID-19 Cardiovascular Conference as a live webinar on Thursday 2 April for all healthcare professionals battling COVID-19.

The webinar aims to share current knowledge and key experiences of managing COVID-19 related cardiovascular manifestations, as well as critical issues in team preparedness, prevention, and command and control. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • cumulative clinical experience of COVID-19
  • the science behind COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease and therapeutic possibilities
  • prevention, equipment, and information technology
  • team working and adaptation.

Included among the presentations are Ajay Kirtane (Columbia University Irving Medical Centre/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA) discussing his experience from New York, and Richard Schilling (St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London NHS Trust, London UK) sharing details of the establishment of an emergency field hospital, the Nightingale Excel, in London’s docklands. Other highlights are Simon Ray from the British Cardiology Society, who will outline a UK perspective on safe working in cardiology, and Sukh Nijjer and Ahran Arnold looking at IT measures to reduce COVID-19 infections.

The webinar will run from 14.00–18.00 BST.


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