ESVS 2019: HT-CLI trial to definitively test if cell technology can salvage limbs in CLI patients


Bijan Modarai (London, UK) talks to BLearning Peripheral at ESVS 2019 (European Society for Vascular Surgery; 24–27 September; Hamburg, Germany) about the HT-CLI trial, which will look at the efficacy of a novel blood filtration technology that is aimed at using cells that are capable of growing new blood vessels to treat critical limb ischaemia (CLI) patients who do not have surgical or endovascular revascularisation options.

Modarai says this new study–which will enrol 350 patients in multiple sites around the world with close follow-up, including wound imaging for up to 12-months–is aimed at “addressing all the shortcomings” of previously “unsuccessful” smaller trials.

Modarai explains this is a large randomised controlled study, delivering a sustained population of cells, and seeks to definitively answer whether this type of approach is able to “salvage the limb or not”.


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