Disruptive technology and high-quality clinical evidence: An Endologix transformation


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Endologix president and CEO, Matt Thompson (Irvine, USA), discusses how the firm has “been transformed from a company purely focusing on the infrarenal aorta to a company with a broad portfolio of products within the peripheral vascular and aortic space”.

Speaking at the 2022 Charing Cross (CX) International Symposium (26–28 April, London, UK), Thompson says that the year 2020 marked a major shift as Endologix went from being a public company to a private one. He outlines how this led to a decision to diversify the company’s product portfolio while “trying to stay true to the Endologix DNA […] serving unmet clinical need with disruptive innovation backed by high-quality clinical evidence”.

“Endologix has always been very proud about generating good quality evidence to really back and support all of the products,” says Thompson, before highlighting the company’s two randomised controlled trials in the endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) space, comparing AFX2 (LEOPARD trial) and ALTO (JAGUAR trial) against current commercial endografts.

“We firmly believe that head-to-head comparison is going to generate the best evidence to show the patients in which the technology has benefit,” concludes Thompson.

This video is sponsored by Endologix.


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