Be an early adopter of AI to harness its benefits


Artificial intelligence (AI) is already better than humans at reading specific radiographic findings. It will impact phycisians’ jobs, but because it can currently only do very specific things, it is not yet “that robot chasing you down a dark alley [going after your job]”, says Ido Weinberg (Boston, USA), who outlined what vascular and cardiovascular specialists should do to harness the power of AI and big data at VEITHsymposium 2018.



  1. That’s a great point. I think it is very important to be an early adopter of any technology to succeed in the field. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is not an exception, the most influential solutions will come from the pioneers of the technology. The realizations that it could be mine business makes me more curious about AI and ML, and I will be developing some kind of smart solution in the near future. All I need is a great partner company to achieve the goals of my business.


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