“A hugely exciting time”: Experts focus in on AI in the medical field



Artificial intelligence (AI) is “here to stay”. This was the closing statement from Randy Moore (Calgary, Canada), vascular surgeon and chief medical officer (CMO) of ViTAA Medical Solutions, during a recent CX Vascular Live roundtable discussion. Moore was joined by Richard Linder (Salt Lake City, USA), chair and chief executive officer of Xenter, and Tom Carrell (Barrington, UK), founder and CMO of Cydar Medical and formerly a vascular surgeon, to examine the topic of AI in the medical field.

The group discussed whether AI can be trusted and the “looming” issue that is data security among other key talking points. Carrell expressed his overarching belief that this is a “hugely exciting time” and that AI will address some of the long-standing challenges facing vascular surgery, with Linder adding that—while the regulatory side “needs to catch up”—he thinks AI is going to have a “big impact”.


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