Vascular Solutions launches the Angio Assist Docking Station and the Teirstein Edge Device Organizer


Vascular Solutions announced on 8 November 2010 the availability of the Angio Assist Docking Station and Teirstein Edge Device Organizer. These unique, physician-developed devices assist interventionalists with organising, securing and loading interventional tools during catheterisation procedures. 

The Angio Assist is an easy-to-use docking station that facilitates the introduction of guidewires into interventional devices. Unique side-clips provide rapid, secure attachment to the operative field, while the user friendly design features a device loading area, which facilitates the alignment and introduction of 0.014” guidewires into catheters and atherectomy burrs. Additionally, a triangular guidewire slit secures the in-place guidewire, simplifying single-operator procedures. 

The Teirstein Edge is a device organiser designed to neatly organize guidewires and catheters during interventional procedures. Composed of six proprietary, triangular friction fit slits that secure guidewires and catheters, the Teirstein Edge allows the operator to make controlled, micro movements of catheters and wires, or to tightly lock devices in place, thereby minimising guidewire loss during the procedures. The Teirstein Edge easily attaches to the sterile drape through unique side-clips, and also features vessel identification nomenclature, separating main vessel, branch one and branch two locations.

Designed and manufactured by Shepherd Scientific in La Jolla, USA, the Angio Assist and Teirstein Edge were developed to overcome everyday challenges during interventional procedures. The sterile, single use Angio Assist and Teirstein Edge devices are available in the United States exclusively through Vascular Solutions and internationally through Shepherd Scientific.