Vascular Simulations launches Replicator PRO for realistic replication in endovascular simulations

Replicator PRO (Vascular Simulations)

Medical technology company Vascular Simulations has released Replicator PRO, a realistic vascular replication system, at the 2018 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics meeting (TCT; 21–25 September, San Diego, USA).

Aiming to be a better alternative to device reliance animal testing, Replicator Pro empowers device development, demonstration, and training for engineers, educators, and physicians. The company states in a recent press release that with this system it seeks to address the disparities between animal and human vascular systems, which can lead to in-human trial failures following successful animal reliance testing.

Replicator PRO is a platform for medical device validation which recreates a realistic haemodynamic environment. Through its treated silicone vasculature, the system provides the necessary tactile feedback for interventional device track and navigation, allowing devices to behave the same way they would in human vessels. For researchers and engineers, this technology is suitable for optimising device design and performance and provides an efficient testing platform. For physicians and clinical directors, Replicator PRO is a versatile training and preparation platform.

“By giving the user the ability to perform a simulated procedure that takes place in the same hemodynamic conditions as it would in real life, there is an added fidelity component to the simulated procedure and it therefore makes the educational experience as close to reality as possible,” says director of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Apostolos Tassiopoulo of Stony Brook Hospital, Stony Brook, USA. “In animal reliance testing, you never have the specific anatomy you are trying to treat,” continues Tassiopoulos, “so Replicator PRO offers a much more relevant anatomical and haemodynamic environment.”

Physicians expand their insight with no added risk through the power of Replicator PRO’s realism both through haemodynamic and clinical experience. In addition to matched aortoiliac vasculature, the model includes a 4-chamber silicone heart with a replaceable, physiologically functioning aortic valve. This 3D-printed anatomy works in harmony with the endovascular-responsive terrain and system control unit to give the system its advanced haemodynamics. In addition to replicating the hemodynamic environment, Replicator PRO mimics the clinical environment through angiographic compatibility, giving physicians the ability to track and map their procedures.


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