Vascular Flow Technologies forges strategic partnership with Biovic

Spiral Laminar Flow
Spiral Laminar Flow

Vascular Flow Technologies (VFT) has announced the successful conclusion of a strategic intellectual property out-licencing agreement with Biovic Sdn bhd.

Biovic are a Malaysia-based high tech biomedical company focussed on meeting the needs of patients in developing medical communities with high quality, transformational products. Biovic’s long-term strategic plans are to become a globally competitive biomedical device company with sales into the USA and other developed markets.

This strategic partnership will see VFT’s Spiral Laminar Flow (SLF) technology used to enhance Biovic’s existing Avatar ePTFE vascular graft. VFT’s SLF technology is an IP-protected design which eliminates the turbulent blood flow seen in diseased vessels and standard prosthetic vascular grafts. By reintroducing the normal pattern of blood flow through the vessel, graft failure and complications for the patient are significantly reduced. The technology is built on an extensive base of evidence produced using CFD (models of fluid flow created with numerical analysis) and FEA (virtual modelling to problem solve potential stresses on vessel walls).

Craig Dunlop, general manager of Vascular Flow Technologies, commented: This is a very exciting opportunity for VFT and Biovic. Combining the superior clinical performance of VFT’s SLF technology with a high performance ePTFE graft will disrupt the existing market with an enhanced ePTFE vascular graft with unique new features and patient benefits.”

VFT and Biovic will collaborate closely over the coming months to bring the Avatar SLF graft to the market by Q2 2018, a press release says.


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