Using “wall-to-wall” mechanical thrombectomy in DVT treatment


Experience wall-to-wall thrombectomy in action with Manuela Konert from Leipzig, Germany! In this brief video, Konert walks through a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) case step by step using the ClotTriever system, providing valuable clinical insights along the way. Highlighting the safety and efficiency of wall-to-wall thrombectomy, Konert invites vascular specialists to join the discussion on DVT treatment at INARI’s symposium during the LINC 2024 (29th May at 12:45, Main Arena 2).

This video was filmed by Inari Medical and is being sponsored for distribution in association with Vascular News, Interventional News and Venous News. Biba Medical bears no responsibility for the assets used in the production of this video.


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