The Powerlink System for AAA


The Powerlink System is a unibody self-expandable stent graft for the endovascular repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm’s. The one-piece bifurcated design features a fully supported stent cage made of cobalt chromium alloy covered with an ePTFE graft for outstanding durability. The unique unibody bifurcated design is delivered from the bottom up sitting on the aortic bifurcation for anatomical fixation.

• Unibody Bifurcated Design. Powerlink stent graft’s one-piece design eliminates many of the challenges associated with multi-piece systems by reducing much of the guidewire manipulation required to assemble a modular system in vivo, thereby simplifying the deployment procedure. Additionally, in the follow-up period there is no risk of limb detachment.

• Various stent graft extensions. Diameters range from 16mm to 34mm and lengths of 55mm to 100mm are available.

• Fully-supported. The main body and limbs of the Powerlink stent graft are fully supported by a cobalt-chromium alloy stent to reduce the risk of kinking.

• Self-expanding. The proprietary design expands to the proper size of the target aorta and provides radial force for proper sealing.

• Long main body with single-wire construction. The long main body of the stent cage facilitates anatomical fixation in the aorta. The single wire construction of the main body provides a track record of durability.

• Visiflex Delivery System. The next generation delivery system for the Powerlink endoluminal stent graft is the Visiflex Delivery System. The new design provides improved catheter visibility and flexibility during deployment of the Powerlink stent graft. This design improves trackability facilitating smoother insertion and withdrawal when delivering the Powerlink stent-graft in challenging anatomies.

• Unique, minimally invasive techique. The Powerlink System’s unique delivery mechanism requires only a small surgical incision in one leg, whereas other Endoluminal stent-grafts typically need surgical exposure of the femoral artery in both legs to introduce their multiple components. This unique delivery mechanism permits the Powerlink System to be used in patients with one compromised access path.

The Powerlink System is manufactured by Endologix, Inc. and is being exclusively distributed by LeMaitre Vascular in ten European countries. For more information visit Endologix web site and LeMaitre Vascular web site