Ra Medical Systems granted broad patent for DABRA catheter


The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Ra Medical Systems a broad patent (number 9700655) that covers Ra Medical Systems’ DABRA catheter for cardiovascular disease treatment. The inventors include Ra Medical Systems director of research and development, James Laudenslager, and chief executive officer and chief technical officer, Dean Irwin. DABRA recently received FDA market clearance and is now available in the USA and Europe.

The patent, which covers DABRA’s “small flexible liquid core catheter for laser ablation in body lumens and methods for use,” is pivotal for Ra Medical Systems’ intellectual property, as it provides wide-ranging patent protection for the DABRA catheter. The DABRA catheter uses a liquid fill with a solid window that shows improved tissue removal, compared to other multi-fibre excimer catheters that have a high percentage of dead space. This improved performance contributes to DABRA’s high success rate and low adverse event rate.

“This invention is a game-changer for excimer laser ablation, as DABRA’s flexible liquid catheter delivers fast, complete ablation of all types of plaque, without the dead space of fibre optic bundle catheters,” said Laudenslager. “Through producing a high-quality lumen and minimising trauma to the vasculature, DABRA is revolutionising cardiovascular treatment and helping to save patients’ lives and limbs every day. Most importantly, this patent solidifies Ra Medical Systems’ position as an innovative, paradigm-shifting leader in treating vascular disease.”

“This patent is a major milestone not only for Ra Medical Systems but also for patients all over the world and the medical community at large,” added Irwin. “DABRA will fundamentally change the way that arterial blockages are treated. It is a better, safer, faster and less-expensive option to other treatments that are currently on the market and is meeting an important unmet patient need.”

DABRA (Destruction of arteriosclerotic blockages by laser radiation ablation) treats peripheral artery disease (PAD), the leading cause of limb amputations. The device has shown shorter procedure times, is less expensive and has an impressive safety profile. DABRA may also reduce the costs that are associated with treating PAD and ultimately lead to greater patient access to, and success with, interventional procedures instead of limb amputation.


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