OrbusNeich expands into peripheral disease devices

OrbuNeich Scoreflex

OrbusNeich has expanded its portfolio to include products to treat peripheral artery disease. The JADE and Scoreflex PTA balloons are the company’s first entry devices for lower limb and arteriovenous fistula intervention.

OrbusNeich’s below-the-knee portfolio now includes the JADE non-compliant balloon, featuring a hybrid rapid-exchange/over-the-wire, designed for additional push and deliverability. This will be complemented with the Scoreflex PTA device, a dual wire balloon designed for focused force angioplasty which enables lesion optimisation at lower pressures. Both devices will be 0.014″ compatible and available in 150cm working lengths.

OrbusNeich has introduced a 0.018″ Scoreflex PTA balloon for superficial femoral artery treatment, available in 90cm working lengths. This focused force angioplasty device has been designed to allow for balloon stability at larger diameters needed for treating the superficial femoral artery.

In addition to these products, OrbusNeich will be offering a 40cm working length Scoreflex PTA balloon for the treatment of patients on long-term dialysis with chronic restenosis of their arteriovenous fistula. The focused force angioplasty technology is intended to promote balloon stability and resolution of the stenosis at a lower pressure in the case of these lesions.