New varicose vein treatment available in Europe


biolas has announced the launch of its VariClose vein sealing systems in Europe.

VariClose is a new technique by which an incompetent saphenous vein is sealed through embolization. biolas says that the procedure is simpler and more successful than older existing treatment optionssuch as thermal ablation, and that specialists using this treatment can observe instant closure of the vessel using ultrasound.

A company press release states that the VariClose procedure is so fast that a specialist can perform it in less than five minutes using ultrasound guidance. The procedure itself is simple and utilises regular catheter placement and embolization agent infusion, with five seconds of pressure over the target vein. Patients can be sent home from the clinic immediately and resume their daily routine with just compression stockings.

Early studies of VariClose show high occlusion rates and no side effects. The new technique does not require tumescent anaesthesia or OR conditions.