New microcatheter for the treatment of coronary and peripheral lesions


Vascular Solutions announces the immediate availability of the SuperCross microcatheter. The device offers superior crossability, flexibility, and guidewire support during coronary and peripheral catheterisation procedures.

The SuperCross is 0.014” guidewire compatible and is available in 130cm or 150cm lengths.  The distal 40cm has a hydrophilic coating, reducing friction during deployment, and the catheter tapers to 1.8F at the distal tip, for navigating small, tortuous vessels and crossing tight lesions.


A full length stainless steel braid provides flexibility, and kink resistance.  The SuperCross’ internal PTFE liner provides guidewire movement and the tapered inner lumen a smooth transition during wire delivery for optimal guidewire control.  The fully embedded gold marker band on the distal tip delivers radiopacity, enabling precise device placement, especially beneficial during complex interventions. 


The SuperCross is intended to be used in conjunction with steerable guidewires to access discrete regions of the coronary and/or peripheral vasculature, and it may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices and to subselectively infuse/deliver diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The microcatheter is available in the United States and Europe.