MTF Biologics confirms partnership with Net Health for wound care documentation


MTF Biologics, a global nonprofit organisation, has announced a partnership with Net Health, a provider of cloud-based software for specialised care. According to a statement, the collaboration allows MTF Biologics to offer its wound care solutions through Net Health’s WoundExpert electronic medical record (EMR) for use in outpatient wound care centres throughout the USA.

WoundExpert is currently utilised by 90% of US wound care centres and is used to document more than one million wound assessments each year. Designed to meet the specialty documentation needs of wound care settings, the cloud-based EMR provides the clinical, operational and financial tools these specialised outpatient facilities need to drive seamless workflows and positively impact outcomes.

The inclusion of MTF Biologics’ wound care solutions inside WoundExpert’s workflow is expected to allow providers to easily and accurately document and order patient treatments.

Kim Rounds, vice president of wound care at MTF Biologics, said: “Our partnership with Net Health will ensure that clinicians at outpatient facilities across the country spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care treating chronic and complex wounds with our natural and innovative solutions.”

Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health, added: “MTF Biologics puts their technology right inside the wound to directly impact healing, and we are proud to make that more available to patients while easing the workflow burden on the prescribing provider.”


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