Medtronic receives CE mark for 200mm and 250mm IN.PACT Admiral DCBs

IN.PACT Admiral

Medtronic has announced CE mark approval and the European launch of the 200mm and 250mm IN.PACT Admiral drug-coated balloons (DCBs). The product is intended to treat long complex femoropopliteal lesions efficiently in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The 200mm and 250mm IN.PACT Admiral DCB enables physicians to treat longer lesions using a single DCB instead of multiple DCBs.

Thomas Zeller, director of the Department of Angiology at Universitaets-Herzzentrum, Freiburg-Bad Krozingen, Germany, performed the first case using the new sizes of the IN.PACT Admiral DCB in Europe. He stated, “Patients with SFA [superficial femoral artery] disease often present with longer and more complex lesions as time goes on, which makes it challenging to effectively treat the entire segment. We know the IN.PACT Admiral DCB is effective in providing durable results, and now with the longer sizes, it is a more efficient treatment option for these difficult to treat lesions. Using the new sizes of the IN.PACT Admiral DCB could potentially lead to saving both time and money by using one balloon instead of multiple balloons.”

About the IN.PACT Admiral DCB

The IN.PACT Admiral DCB is a clinically established, primary endovascular therapy, which has been shown to provided durable, consistent and safe outcomes across multiple clinical trials, as well as across complex patient and lesion types. With more than 3,500 patients enrolled in 21 clinical studies and 600,000+ patients treated worldwide, the IN.PACT Admiral DCB is the preferred DCB for treatment of femoropopliteal disease allowing reduced interventions and preserving future treatment options. A DCB’s primary mode of action is physical dilatation of the vessel lumen by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), followed by the delivery of paclitaxel. The unique formulation of IN.PACT Admiral DCB with its drug dose, excipient and crystallinity, provides sustained drug residence in the tissue, leading to an effective and durable outcome.

The 200mm and 250mm IN.PACT Admiral DCBs received FDA approval in May of 2018.


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