International collaboration on rare vascular diseases hindered by “very strict” EU data rules


Karen Woo (Los Angeles, USA) speaks to Vascular News about the Vascular Low Frequency Disease Consortium (VLFDC) following her presentation at the 2020 European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS) annual meeting (29 September–29 October, virtual).

One of the problems the VLFDC is trying to overcome is the “very strict rules” instituted within the European Union that make it “very difficult” for EU collaborators to participate – even though the VLFDC “goes to great lengths” to make sure all the data is de-identified, explains Woo.

She also discusses the importance of international collaboration, the need to standardise data so that each institution “speaks the same language”, and how the VLFDC aims to examine “all facets” of uncommon vascular diseases.

Learn more about the VLFDC here


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