Full US availability of Biotronik Pulsar-18 self-expanding stent announced

Biotronik Pulsar-18

Getinge has announced the full US market release of the Pulsar-18 stent from Biotronik. Pulsar-18 is the only available self-expanding stent for blocked superficial femoral arteries with a 4F delivery system. Getinge currently distributes Biotronik’s portfolio of products to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the USA. The addition of the Pulsar-18 stent to Getinge’s portfolio extends the company’s commitment to deliver innovative solutions to meet customer and patient needs.

PAD is a serious condition in which atherosclerosis narrows and blocks peripheral arteries, most commonly in the legs.

“Minimally invasive 4F technology has the potential to positively impact our endovascular practice,” said Marianne Brodmann, Head of Angiology, University Clinic of Graz, Austria, and European principal investigator of the BIOFLEX-I study. “Much of the lower limb arterial disease we treat is amenable to 4F access, thus reducing risks associated with access site complications compared to larger bore devices and offering similarly promising efficacy even in complex lesions.”

“As more patients are diagnosed with PAD due to our ageing population, interventional and surgical teams need access to innovative, proven peripheral vascular products that meet the needs of a range of patient types,” said Raoul Quintero, president Americas at Getinge. “Adding the Pulsar-18 stent to our robust vascular interventions portfolio supports our passion and commitment to help healthcare providers improve patient care while reducing costs.”

“With the recent FDA approval of our Pulsar-18 stent, clinicians have access to a 4F solution that eliminates the need for closure devices, allows for early ambulation, and potentially reduces time to discharge for PAD patients,” said Marlou Janssen, president of Biotronik. “These are benefits that can improve procedure safety and efficiency and truly impact quality of life for patients with PAD. The Pulsar-18 stent needs to be immediately accessible to physicians, and our partnership with Getinge will allow this to happen.”


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