Face to face workshops “crucial” to teaching trainee physicians at congresses


Isabelle Van Herzeele (Ghent, Belgium) and Adrien Hertault (Valenciennes, France) speak about the importance of face to face training sessions for trainee physicians and physicians in practice. The pair tells Vascular News at the Paris Vascular Insights meeting (21–23 October 2021, Paris, France) it is “crucial” that physicians have the opportunity to learn something face to face, to use it and practice without jeopardising patients’ safety.

Van Herzeele and Hertault highlight the importance of organising the workshops with physicians and companies, to provide trainees a “unique” opportunity to be able to make their own informed opinions using the know-how of expert clinicians.

“There is plenty of room here to make mistakes because you are not endangering anybody’s life,” concludes Van Herzeele.


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