Expanding treatment possibilities in TEVAR


NOTE: This supplement is intended for healthcare professionals in Europe only

In this supplement:

  • Fabio Verzini discusses his clinical experience with the new Valiant Navion™ thoracic stent graft, one year after its launch
  • Santi Trimarchi considers how the Valiant Navion™ thoracic stent graft offers a new technological solution to address unmet clinical needs in the treatment of a fragile aorta
  • BIBA MedTech Insights survey results reveal which proximal features of a thoracic stent graft physicians prefer when treating type B aortic dissections
  • A consensus document on the application of Heli-FX EndoAnchor implants to improve complex TEVAR outcomes, by Vincent Riambau, Robin Heijmen, Hervé Rousseau, Theodoros Kratimenos, and Andrés Reyes


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