Endovascular case editor enables simulated training scenarios

iCase workflow

The new Simbionix ANGIO Mentor iCase (3D Systems) is a new endovascular simulation case editor which can be used to create endless training scenarios, a press release from the company states.

Virtual reality simulators are being used to help specialists learn and gain experience in procedural skills for a range of endovascular interventions. Today those simulators offer a growing number of interventions, each with a pre-defined number of cases or training hours. A simulation case includes a specific anatomy, one or more pathologies and sometimes complications. Programme directors and training managers are looking for ways to independently create new training content to extend the hands-on training time on the simulator.

One way to increase the number of training cases on the simulator is to use patient-specific simulation software. This enables clinicians to create a simulation case based on the patient’s CTA or MRA scans, originally used for the purpose of preoperative simulated clinical rehearsal prior to performing the real procedure. Although this can be a nice option, it comes with a few limitations such as the need to use segmentation software and ability to work only on specific types of interventions. Moreover, it does not enable adding complications or evaluating trainee performance, which is critical for the practice experience.

The Simbionix ANGIO Mentor iCase is a new endovascular simulation case editor from 3D Systems that uses a short and intuitive workflow to create new training scenarios and simulated cases. This enables a full educational experience, combining enhanced patient information, new pathologies and new complications. When completing the created cases, the simulator provides a full performance report to evaluate trainee progress, as with regular simulation cases. This will provide residents, fellows as well as experts, more training hours on any simulated procedure, and the ability to adapt case scenario difficulty to the level of the trainee. In addition, iCase allows sharing cases between ANGIO Mentor users, to further expand the available library of cases.


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