BlueDop Vascular Expert provides actionable information to revolutionise patient triage


Patrick Kelly (Sioux Falls, USA) and Peter Schneider (San Francisco, USA) discuss a novel technology from BlueDop Medical that uses a patented process to determine ankle blood pressure from a simple Doppler signal “without a blood pressure cuff at the ankle” to determine an Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI). Kelly outlines the advantages of this technology, particularly in diabetic patients, who have calcified non-compressible vessels for which blood pressures cuffs often do not work, and notes particularly that BlueDop Vascular expert goes further to unlock information to reveal whether patients have mild, moderate or severe disease.

Schneider agrees that this technology opens the door to any healthcare worker, including general practitioners, podiatrists, emergency medicine specialists, nurse practitioners and vascular assistants who perform the initial assessment of patients with potential arterial insufficiency to create a better defined triage system early on and understand whether the patient is in danger zone. “I am really anxious to see this particular technology get into the community […] This is really going to enhance our practice,” he says.

This video is sponsored by BlueDop Medical.

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