Bentley receives CE mark for new BeGraft aortic stent graft


In November 2016, Bentley launched its BeGraft aortic stent graft system: a balloon expandable, large diameter covered stent with sizes ranging from 12mm to 24mm available in lengths of 19mm to 59mm.

A Bentley press release says that the whole diameter range is covered by three different stent designs in order to guarantee low foreshortening combined with high radial force of the stent, and the “excellent flexibility” of the BeGraft aortic contributes to optimised lesion care.

The BeGraft aortic is indicated for the implantation in native and/ or recurring coarcation of the aorta in adolescent or adult patients as well as for restoring and improving the patency of the iliac arteries.

As all products from the BeGraft range, the BeGraft aortic is also made of cobalt chromium and is mounted on a semi-compliant balloon which allows a slight variation in diameter. The stent graft allows high post dilation when using a large-diameter high-pressure balloon. For example, the diameter of 12mm can be post-dilated up to 20mm and the 24mm up to 30mm.

“I am very pleased that a balloon expandable large diameter stent graft is now easily available with which I can treat coarctations secure and accurately,” said Piotr Kasprzak, Head of Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany, after implanting the first BeGraft aortic at the beginning of November.

“With BeGraft aortic we now have a valuable and safe alternative for treating aortic and iliac lesions,” Peter Goverde, ZNA Stuivenberg Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium, explained after the implantation of the first large diameter BeGrafts.

The BeGraft aortic is now commercially available in all countries accepting the CE mark, while Bentley says that regulatory approvals for many other countries around the globe are “on their way”.