Bentley acquires GoBack catheter from Upstream Peripheral Medical Technologies

L-R: Rainer Bregulla, director R&D; Sebastian Büchert, CEO; Thomas Morawek, Arnold Schwarzenegger double; Hartmut Grathwohl, director Operations; Andrew Brabner, director Finance & IT; Christian Bader, director Quality & Market Access

Bentley today announced that it has acquired the rights of the GoBack catheter from Upstream Peripheral Technologies.

“The acquisition of the GoBack catheter marks the start of inorganic growth for Bentley,” said Sebastian Büchert, Bentley’s CEO. “We launched our first of six existing product families to the market in 2012 and have experienced significant growth since then. Now, only 10 years later, we are able to acquire this very innovative product. This strategic move further completes our product offering to hospitals and physicians to the benefit of our joint patients.”

The GoBack catheter simplifies crossing and re-entry in occluded arteries. A press release notes that the product’s unique feature is a curved nitinol needle that can be manipulated by the physician using the device handle. Thanks to its small profile, the device can even be used in the smaller arteries in the lower leg.

Bentley acquiring the GoBack makes me feel proud. I am sure that with Bentley’s global footprint more physicians will have access to the catheter,” said Dan Rottenberg, CEO of Upstream Peripheral Technologies. “Our vision is to save limbs and reduce the number of amputations. With Bentley’s strong network more patients will have access to such treatment.”

The GoBack catheter is CE marked and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared. Launched in 2019, the device is now available in 23 countries. It is Bentley’s intention to extend the global availability to all of the 80 markets in which the company is already active, the press release details.

Martijn Nugteren, director Sales & Marketing, Bentley, says, “We will be really busy in the months ahead. Not only because we want to make the product commercially available in additional markets, but also due to the fact that we are going to rebrand the GoBack to BeBack. This is to make sure that our new product will be recognised as another leading product underneath Bentley’s brand umbrella.”

Currently produced in Israel and initially shipped from there, a production transfer to the Bentley production facility in Hechingen, Germany, will be completed by 2025.


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