Balloon-expandable and self-expandable stent grafts show “similar” primary patency for BEVAR



Konstantinos Spanos (Larissa, Greece) recently shared new meta-analysis data from comparative studies evaluating balloon-expandable versus self-expandable stent grafts for branched endovascular aneurysm repair (BEVAR). Following his first-to-podium presentation at the 2023 Charing 2023 Charing Cross (CX) International Symposium (25–27 April, London, UK), Spanos sat down with Afshin Assadian (Vienna, Austria) at the CX Vascular Live studio to discuss the findings. 

Spanos concluded that balloon-expandable and self-expandable stent grafts perform “similarly” for BEVAR when compared via primary patency and branch-related endoleak during mid-term follow-up. He did stress, however, that further research in the form of randomised controlled trials may be needed in this area.

“This is getting interesting,” commented Afshin Assadian (Vienna, Austria) at the outset of the pair’s discussion, noting that branched devices are becoming “more mainstream”. In light of this fact, Assadian underscored the importance of data and discussion in this arena, remarking that understanding the different outcomes between balloon-expandable and self-expandable stent grafts in BEVAR will be “important for our future decision-making”.


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