Amplifi™ Vein Dilation System: A novel device under development designed to prepare veins for AVF creation


The Amplifi Vein Dilation System (Artio Medical) is is an innovative device designed to dilate arm veins in preparation for AVF surgery using rapid, non-pulsatile venous blood flow. Surendra Shenoy, M.D. (a vascular surgeon with specialist interest in vascular access and transplantation at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri, USA) describes the system as one of the most exciting concepts he has encountered in the field of vascular access.

Shenoy maintains that using the device could reduce the vascular access failure rate (that some experts place at nearly 50%) because it has the potential to unmask any “pre-existing problems upfront”.

At the Paris Vascular Insight Meeting in France, he outlines the key results of the Amplifi System first-in-human trial, and next steps for the device including a planned clinical trial that is expected to begin investigator recruitment in 2022.

This video is sponsored by Artio Medical. Device in development. Not available for sale.


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