Adapt carotid stent and Monorail delivery system


At LINC 2010, Ralf Langhoff, angiologist, Berlin, Germany, introduced Boston Scientific’s new Adapt carotid stent and Monorail delivery system. The Adapt stent is a new, closed cell, self-expanding, rolled nitinol sheet. Dynamic tapering technology is designed to adapt to carotid anatomies ranging from 4mm to 9mm. The stent has thinner struts to allow for in-vessel conformability, which provides the flexibility and performance of open cell architecture with the increased support and lesion coverage of closed cell design.

The design incorporates radiopaque tantalum stent marker bands to enhance radiopacity, and there are three radiopaque markers on each end.

The Adapt stent is flexible, with 25% thinner strut widths compared to competitive nitinol stents and the unique cell design is engineered for flexibility, maintains closed cell scaffolding on a bend. In addition, Langhoff told delegates, the push-button delivery system is easy to use, with a unique deployment handle for accurate stent placement. There are also multiple stent lengths of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm to accommodate various lesion and vessel lengths.