Vascular Flow secures three new patents in Japan, China and Europe


Vascular Flow Technologies has issued three new patents, hoping to strengthen the company’s offering in Asian and global markets.

Vascular Flow has expanded its patent landscape with patents for a tubular conduit issued by the Japanese patent office (2012-538404), a flexible bypass graft issued by the Chinese patent office (201080052130.X), and a drug delivery stent issued by the European patent office (05702119.8).

All three devices use Vascular Flow’s Spiral Laminar Flow technology, a helical design clinically proven to replicate the natural spiral laminar flow pattern of blood. By promoting natural blood flow, the technology eliminates risk of turbulent flow and dead regions, which can lead to complications for the patient such as plaque formation, reduced blood flow and thrombosis.

The new patents will add to the existing suite of patents protecting Spiral Laminar Flow technology and Vascular Flow’s portfolio of vascular products, supporting the company’s strategic growth plan.

Bill Allan, chief executive officer of Vascular Flow, commented: “Japan is the second largest market globally for medical technology, and with an aging population, this is an important area for our investment.

The addition of these patents in Japan and China follow recent successes in both the EU and the USA, strong clinical evidence in Europe and the USA and expansion of distribution networks, the launch of the STAAR Registry collaboration with Society of Vascular Surgery (USA) and the appointment of key internal personnel.