UK Vein Conference 2006


This year’s UK Vein Conference was recently held in Guilford, from the 11th-13th October. The meeting was held to address the needs of interested physicians who wish to offer local anaesthetic office based vein procedures in registered specialist clinics.

The conference featured talks and demonstrations from the experts in the field from UK, Europe and USA and covered all aspects of walk in walk out vein procedures, along with specialised procedures such as the TRLOP (Transluminal Occulsion Of Perforator Technique) for treating perforators which was developed in Guildford by the Whiteley Clinic and VNUS Medical Technologies.

During the meeting Mr Barrie Price, also from the Whiteley Clinic Guildford, received a special award for carrying out over 1000 VNUS Closure Vein procedures.

Below Left to right: Mr Craig Smith, Vascular Sonographer; Mr Barrie Price, Consultant Surgeon; Judy Holdstock, Vascular Sonographer; Sophie Moxey, Research Nurse and UK Vein Conference Course Organiser; and Mr Mark Whiteley, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Managing Director of the Whiteley Clinic