UK-COMPASS highlights “extremely good” three-year results for complex aneurysm treatment in England


At the 2022 Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland (VSGBI) annual scientific meeting (23–25 November, Brighton, UK), Srinivasa Rao Vallabhaneni (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK) delivered a first-time presentation of the UK-COMPASS study results. In this interview with Vascular News, Vallabhaneni gives an overview of the key findings out to three years.

UK-COMPASS is a cohort study of complex aneurysm treatment across all hospitals in England. Vallabhaneni reports that researchers were able to show “extremely good results” across three groups of patients based on aneurysm neck length: pararenal (0–4mm), juxtarenal (5–9mm), and those 10mm or more that were deemed unsuitable for an on-label, standard endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR).

Vallabhaneni notes that, in the pararenal group, both open repair and fenestrated repair are being delivered with “very good safety”. The research group did, however, show an incremental survival benefit in doing endovascular repair instead of open repair out to three years.

Among other results, Vallabhaneni details that open repairs in patients with aneurysm necks that are 5mm or larger in diameter are being delivered with a 2% mortality rate. For this, Vallabhaneni believes surgeons “should be congratulated” and that “we should be very proud of these results”.

Looking ahead, Vallabhaneni tells Vascular News that the UK-COMPASS study team are due to publish results out to five years.


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