The London Clinic first in the UK to acquire a Philips Allura FlexMove system


The official opening of the Philips Allura Xper FD Flexmove system (left to right) Ian Graves, general manager, South, Philips Healthcare; Gary Bailey, account manager, Philips Healthcare, Andrey Lindegrin, lead interventional radiographer, London Clinic and Rachael Darkin, former Radiology Services manager, the London Clinic 

Philips Healthcare recently installed an Allura XPER FD20 FlexMove system at The London Clinic for its new state-of-the-art, purpose-built hybrid theatre. The facility combines a full surgical operating theatre with the highest specification X-ray and ultrasound imaging equipment, normally only available in a radiology department. The new theatre provides the highest standards of cleanliness, antisepsis, lighting and other equipment necessary for complex open vascular surgery, and will enable surgeons to make enhanced clinical decisions, benefiting the patient.

Christopher Bishop, consultant vascular surgeon explained: “Patient outcomes following surgery are much better in the hybrid theatre as the operations are less invasive, using more keyhole-like techniques, resulting in reduced stays in hospital for patients and less pain following the operation too. The London Clinic’s fabulous new hybrid theatre allows us to exploit cutting-edge techniques and its facilities are unsurpassed in the UK private sector.”

Joe Brookes, consultant interventional radiologist added, “The large multipurpose screen gives excellent resolution and image quality. It is used to everyone’s benefit as we can reduce the exposure to radiation for patients in complex procedures.”

As minimally invasive procedures have grown over recent years, with imaging playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of a wide number of surgical interventions. A high quality X-ray imaging system can provide critical support during hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures, but these fixed X-ray systems can also get in the way of staff and other equipment in a crowded room.

The Philips Allura Xper FD with FlexMove system provides state-of-the-art imaging for staff working in either a hybrid or interventional suite, matching complex workflow and hygiene requirements with versatility in surgery and diagnosis. By providing a ceiling-mounted high-quality imaging system, Philips enables surgical teams to perform cutting-edge procedures in a more flexible and sterile environment which is safer for patients. The new option further extends Philips’ current range of equipment for surgical and interventional procedures.

Key features of the new system include special ceiling rails that enable FlexMove to be parked in a lateral stand-by position near the table during hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures and simply moved into place when needed. This leaves plenty of room to work around the table. When imaging is not needed FlexMove enables the Allura to be easily tucked away in a corner, allowing more operating space for caregivers and equipment.

Panning an X-ray system along the table can interfere with wires and tubes.  FlexMove can be moved longitudinally and laterally where needed so as not to disturb staff and other equipment. Caregivers can freely access the head end of the table and the anaesthetist can also work at the head of the table without having to move when imaging takes place. FlexMove provides full body coverage and keeps floor space both clean and free of bulky equipment.

Caroline Nicklinson, director of Theatre Services at The London Clinic said, “Ensuring patient comfort and safety were key factors in the construction of the hybrid theatre. Variable lighting and relaxing imagery creates a comforting atmosphere for patients. The London Clinic’s hybrid theatre is different from other traditional operating theatres. The modern style and fresh colour complement the latest technology available.”