VEITH 2019: Tackling dehydration has a “tremendous impact” when treating claudication patients


Enrico Ascher (New York, USA) interviews Juan Parodi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for VEITHtv at VEITHsymposium 2019 (19–23 November, New York, USA), about his research on claudication therapy.

Parodi explains how he was able to avoid amputating a patient’s extremity by making the patient drink three litres of water a day and eat egg whites as a way to increase the oncotic pressure, resulting in better perfusion. Parodi explains how he “could not believe” the positive results of his study of 150 patients looking at treating dehydration in claudication patients.

Ascher concludes the interview stating that the results of the study will have a “tremendous impact” in patient care, adding that having an effective intravascular volume and proteins will help the body function better.

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