Siemens launches a new X-ray


Siemens launches a new X-ray unit with a wireless detector.

Siemens Medical Solutions has introduced its first digital X-ray unit with a wireless detector to the market, the Ysio wi-D. Detectors convert X-ray radiation to digital image information, and are usually firmly integrated in the examination table. The wireless detector of the Ysio can be removed from the table and placed directly underneath or next to the patient. Exposures that are difficult or impossible to take using a permanently integrated detector (eg lateral exposures of the hip) can now be taken without difficulty. Furthermore, patients with restricted mobility can be X-rayed without having to be removed from a wheelchair. The wireless detector, which transmits image data to the diagnostic workstation via Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), can be used just as flexibly as a cassette in analogue Xray systems while at the same time offering all the advantages of digital X-ray imaging. Digital X-ray systems offer diverse advantages in comparison to film or imaging plate Xray systems. However, flat detectors permanently integrated in the system cannot be used as flexibly as cassettes, and with cabled, mobile flat detectors one remains ’tied’ in the truest sense of the word. The new Ysio wi-D X-ray system from Siemens Medical Solutions now combines the advantages of the flat detector with those of the cassette. The basis for this is a wireless detector (wi-D) that can be used just as flexibly as a cassette. The Ysio wi-D is a totally redesigned X-ray system in which the overhead support, the examination table and the Bucky wall unit were all specially aligned to digital X-ray imaging. Whereas a newly developed detector that enables extended applications is permanently installed in the Bucky wall unit, a wireless detector whose chief strengths come to the fore when it is used outside of the table is employed in the table. The detector can be positioned almost anywhere, much like a film cassette. If the patient is brought into the examination room on a gurney or in a wheelchair, they do not necessarily have to be repositioned, since the detector can be placed either directly below or next to the patient. With over seven million pixels and a pixel size of 144 micrometers, the detector supplies images of excellent quality within seconds. The enhanced DiamondViewPlus software additionally optimises the detail contrast and noise level of the images. In comparison to cassette systems, digital X-ray systems simplify workflows considerably, since the image data are automatically transferred to the diagnostic workstation. The system can move to as many as 1,000 different positions according to the set organ programs at the push of a button. Immovable obstacles located in the room. The settings stand can be changed quickly and easily on the well arranged color touchscreen display of the tube assembly and a remote control enhances the system’s ease of use. Since, due to its versatility, the Ysio wi-D can be used in all X-ray rooms and its performance features are geared to short examination times.