Scientia Vascular receives CE mark for Plato microcatheters


Scientia Vascular announced that its Plato Microcath has received CE mark approval, facilitating availability for European neuro, cardio and peripheral endovascular applications.

According to Scientia, Plato microcatheters provide excellent trackability and distal access. It also offers a stable platform for delivery of therapeutic implants, such as detachable coils and stents.


“Plato Microcath’s performance is unique, respective to providing a very stable support and more control of the distal tip. This is ideal for precise coil delivery into an intracranial aneurysm,” said Boris Lubicz, Erasme University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.


This microcatheter design features a proximal stainless steel hypotube, with 1:1 push response, and a proprietary microfabricated polymer distal shaft. The hypotube is placed into the guiding catheter, from which the distal shaft exits to be placed into distal anatomy for precise control at the site of therapy.


Plato is available in straight and pre-shaped, one- and two-tip marker configurations to allow access and stability in various anatomical locations and morphologies. Catheter tips may also be steam-shaped for specific physician needs.


Kevin Riley, president and COO of Scientia Vascular, commented, “With an increasing number of neuro endovascular devices to treat haemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke available on the European market, the Plato design should offer increased performance to the neurovascular interventionalist for these procedures.”


Plato microcatheters are not yet available for sale in the United States.