Penumbra and VR company Sixense form joint venture MVI Health


Global healthcare company Penumbra has entered into a joint venture with virtual reality (VR) company Sixense Enterprises, for the purpose of exploring healthcare applications of the technology.

MVI Health represents a unique partnership that brings together Sixense Enterprises, a team with deep experience and capability in virtual reality technology, and Penumbra, an innovator in the healthcare industry that is focused on developing and commercialising novel medical therapies.

“We have long believed in the tremendous potential of immersive, full-presence virtual reality to help improve lives though better healthcare and Penumbra is the perfect partner for us to collaborate with in this vision,” said Amir Rubin, CEO and founder of Sixense Enterprises. “We believe that by combining our unique immersive computing platform with Penumbra’s innovative approach to development and commercialisation of medical products, MVI Health can establish itself as a leading digital health platform.”

“We are excited about the potential of the Sixense technology and its ability to improve patient experiences across broad areas of healthcare and wellness,” said Adam Elsesser, chairman and CEO of Penumbra and CEO of MVI Health. “We look forward to collaborating with healthcare professionals and institutions to address a wide variety of medical conditions that can impact a vast number of people.”

MVI Health will be headquartered in Alameda, USA, and will be supported by investments from Penumbra and license, intellectual property and other resource contributions from Sixense Enterprises.


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