New Orleans Cardiovascular Conference relocates to Miami


New Cardiovascular Horizons & Management of the Diabetic Foot and Wound Management and the conferences held in conjunction with it, the CLI Summit and the Renaissance Summit, all originally set for October 26-29, 2005, at the New Orleans Marriott, will take place as scheduled but at a new location – the Hotel InterContinental in Miami, FL, conference organizers have announced.

“This conference is too important to cancel, so we made the difficult decision to relocate, but we’re confident we’ll be back in New Orleans in 2006,” said Dr David E Allie, Conference Co-Chairman and Director of cardiothoracic and Endovascular Surgery at the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, the principal sponsor of the conference.

In only five years, New Cardiovascular Horizons has grown to become the one of the largest multidisciplinary cardiovascular conferences in North America. Last year, the conference drew more than 3,000 participants, with more than 100 faculty and 115 exhibitors. The 2005 conference, with an ambitious and expanded agenda, was expected to attract more than 3,500 participants, 115 faculty and 125 exhibitors.

Despite the relocation, the conference will continue with its expanded agenda, conference organizers said, including a new International CLI Summit on Peripheral Vascular Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia and the Renaissance Summit for vascular surgeons. The 2005 conference features a unique multidisciplinary approach to cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease and diabetes care.

Instead of focusing just on one area of care, the conference attendees include cardiovascular and peripheral vascular specialists such as cardiologists and vascular surgeons, diabetes and wound management specialists, podiatrists, family practice physicians and internists who are the front-line for cardiovascular and diabetic care; and nurses, cath lab technicians and other professional staff.

“This is actually three conferences in one,” noted Allie. Besides the main New Cardiovascular Horizons conference October 27-29, the CLI Summit October 26-27 is the “inaugural international, interactive, multidisciplinary conference with global goals to enhance the awareness of CLI and dramatically decrease amputations,” he said.

The Renaissance Summit on October 29 is a program of catheter-based training for vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons. In addition, there are hands-on workshops and symposia, along with live cases presented by Cardiovascular Institute of the South physicians. Complete information and on-line registration is available on the New Cardiovascular Horizons web site at