MolecuLight announces the appointment of 11 global distributors


moleculightMolecuLight has appointed 11 specialised global distributors for its i:X fluoresence wound imaging device. The i:X device enables point-of-care fluorescence imaging for the detection of wounds containing elevated bacterial loads.

MolecuLight’s Distributors are Tradis Gat ltd. (Israel), Al Zahrawi Medical Supplies LLC (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), AUMET Construction & Hospitals Management (Kuwait), Mintcare Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Distribuidora Indexlab S A de C V (Mexico), Sedeer Medical (Qatar), Mintcare Sdn Bhd (Singapore), KOVE, Inc (South Korea), Nanomedix (PVT) LTD (Sri Lanka), Al Zahrawi Medical Supplies LLC (United Arab Emirates), and Mintcare Sdn Bhd (Vietnam).

“With growing demand for our MolecuLight i:X platform and our commitment to the highest levels of service and support, we are thrilled to announce our 11 specialised distributors”, says Anil Amlani, MolecuLight’s CEO. “Each distributor and their commercial teams have been specially trained on the use and successful operation of the i:X and can support local demonstrations and training in their respective markets and in the appropriate local language. There is also a very strong tie to allow any distributor or customer to access MolecuLight’s central team for special requests or support, to participate in our global publication and evidence-generation programme, and to share ideas for new product development.”

Each distributor maintains a trained sales and clinical application support team that provides support to local MolecuLight customers via clinical demonstrations, by delivering MolecuLight’s comprehensive training programme to new customers, and by supporting the ongoing adoption of the i:X device.

MolecuLight also maintains a direct sales, clinical applications, and technical support team in the USA and Canada.


  1. Hello I am very interested in this product and would love to implement it into my practice, I would like to purchase it in Australia, is there a distributer within Australia? or can I import it?
    Kind Regards
    Tracey Johnson RN/MW
    Owner and Director of Nursing @ My Registered Nurse.


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