Mindray Medical purchases Zonare Medical Systems


Mindray Medical has purchased Zonare Medical Systems for approximately US$102 million. With the purchase, Mindray is expected gain a significant boost to its imaging business and access to a global sales team.

When Mindray first announced its intent to purchase Zonare, the price tag was set at US$105 million, according to a press release. Since that time, the price dropped to US$101.7 million.

Mindray hopes to use the new acquisition to improve its position in the high-end ultrasound market. In addition, Zonare will be used to help Mindray speed up the launch of its next-generation ultrasound technology.

Zonare’s direct sales market gives Mindray access to a variety of different countries, including the USA, Germany, Scandinavia and Canada.

While Mindray intends to maintain the Zonare brand, it said in the press release. Both the company’s name and current headquarters will remain the same. Mindray has not announced any management changes.