Medtronic launches Concerto 3D detachable coil system in USA and Europe


Medtronic is expanding its embolisation product portfolio with the launch of the Concerto 3D detachable coil system. The system was launched at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe annual meeting (CIRSE; 16–20 September, Copenhagen, Denmark).

The Concerto 3D coil is a new coil in the Medtronic Concerto platform and is indicated for arterial and venous embolisations in the peripheral vasculature. The product is now available in both the USA and Europe.

The new 3D coil has a complex shape that is designed to give physicians the ability to frame the treatment area by creating a scaffold. The Concerto 3D coil is used to form a frame while treating aneurysms. This is similar to the way neurovascular aneurysms are treated. According to a press release, the 3D coils may also be:

  • Helpful in obtaining a focal occlusion during vessel take-down with scaffold forming
  • Used interchangeably with the existing Helix line in other applications.

The Concerto 3D coil has the same softness and detachment system as the Concerto Helix, which is intended to allow the coil to navigate smoothly through tortuous anatomies and detach instantly for ease, precision, and control during embolization. In addition, the coil also contains fibres that increase thrombogenicity (clotting) of the coil compared to bare metal equivalents. The Nylon and PGLA fibres system features the LatticeFX technology, which is designed to promote thrombosis response.


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