Medtronic joins Vascular Disease Foundation’s Corporate Roundtable


The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) has announced that Medtronic has become a member of its Corporate Roundtable. The mission of the VDF’s Corporate Roundtable is to help increase public awareness about vascular disease while serving as a forum for dialogue between key industry representatives and most recognised thought leaders in the US vascular arena. 

Medtronic’s contribution will help support the VDF’s major initiatives, including the Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition and the Venous Disease Coalition, as well as educational campaigns to elevate national awareness of vascular disease.

“With Medtronic as our partner, the Vascular Disease Foundation will have a stronger ability to help reduce the mortality and morbidity caused by vascular disease through awareness initiatives,” said Rob McLafferty, president of VDF’s board of directors. “Working together, we will identify new ways of educating people in the United States about the signs and symptoms of vascular disease. Our goal is to enable a faster diagnosis and effective rehabilitation for those with artery and venous disease, hopefully giving people a better quality of life and increasing their longevity. We are grateful to Medtronic for their participation and support.”

“The Medtronic mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life matches up well with the Vascular Disease Foundation’s mission to reduce death and disability from vascular disease,” said Tony Semedo, vice president and general manager of Medtronic’s Endovascular Therapies business. “Given this strong mission match, we look forward to collaborating with the VDF in the fight against vascular disease and to improve vascular health.”