Independent Vascular Services launches quality assurance service to unburden UK NAAASP


Independent Vascular Services (IVS) recently announced the launch of its new Corelab Remote Quality Assurance (QA) service for the UK National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme (NAAASP). The service targets programmes across the country, offering to support their existing QA service, increasing the ease of service delivery and unburdening clinical skills trainers (CSTs).

Qualified accredited vascular scientists will perform the quality assurance on AAA images obtained by screening technicians in the community. The objective is to ensure a robust and high-quality service to the local population whilst freeing up CSTs to focus on training and education.

“The impact of the pandemic means the significance of quality assurance has never been more vital as staff return from extended clinical absence. Our service can be delivered using NAAASP’s IT infrastructure and tailored to the user’s needs to ensure robust quality of screening services as and when it is needed,” comments Andrew Picton, IVS managing director.


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