VEITH 2019: Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS) technology could spark a new era in image-guided therapy


Joost van Herwaarden (Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany) discuss the current challenges of image-guided therapy—primarily regarding the limiting factor of having 2D imaging of a 3D environment, including of the intra-body devices and about the concerns the community has around radiation exposure for both patients and staff from fluoroscopy—the main “working tool” at their disposal.

In this context, they discuss the potential advantages of using Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS) technology (Philips), which enables real-time 3D visualisation of the full shape of devices inside the body without the need for fluoroscopy, and share remarkable moments that they have experienced when using it.

Van Herwaarden and Kölbel also look ahead to the forthcoming studies including multicentre studies in Europe and the USA that are planned to substantiate the envisioned benefits of using this technology.

This video is sponsored by Philips.


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