First vascular surgery training requirements looks to harmonise European curriculum


Armando Mansilha (Porto, Portugal) tells CX Live about the recent publication of the first European training requirements in vascular surgery. Published in International Angiology, the guidance was approved by the (UEMS) comprising 40 national associations and 43 specialist sections and European boards.

Aimed at uniting vascular surgeons across Europe to harmonise common practice, the document, Mansilha outlines, defines the skills required in both open and endovascular surgery so that national healthcare organisations in Europe will re-emphasise the importance of having vascular specialists with a broad range of skills.

Envisioning the future, Mansilha outlines their hopes in the document’s ability to better clarify the European curriculum, instilling a wider breadth of skills in training so that vascular surgeons have the experience and expertise to work in any country.


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